As an artist coming from architectural and Urban baground! Soumia has developed a particular interest on the natural environment and locale ressources.

She was the winner (First Prize) of the Cergy-Pontoise International Urban Workshops in 2004- France.

Through her studio ( ellearchitecture), Soumia explore her environement to build sustainable interactive design.She often finds her inspiration in simple everyday objects.
The Know-how ( "We do" work installation 2015, vietnam )  and botany are great sources of inspiration for her work.

In her latest collection "Wabi Sabi for more resilience" in Shanghai, Soumia focused on revealing the " Food waste" patterns , textures and colors on her canvas.
Her quest for aesthetics and harmony takes her beyond the visual aspect. She finds that the beauty become effortless with a sustainable processes.

"The vision and motivation behind my work is to explore and use art, as an opportunity to build cultural resources and to support the local ecological balance. " Soumia


I have a deep interrest on experimenting an interractive and resilient design. I mainly work with local ressources for my materials and mediums. I like colaborationg with local peoples, learning traditionals technics or just exploring...

Bamboo weaving project on 2015 in Bamboo village, Vietnam Exhibition
Desert Plants 2019, Qatar  Exhibition 

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