Event / Exhibition


2022   Curator Botanical Art , Caravane Earth Foundation, Qatar

2022   Collectif exhibition , Feminae, Eiwan Al Gassar Gallery,  Qatar

2021   Jury member from MICA International painting competion , China

2020   Shanghai Art Fair, China

2020   Artist/Curator Futur Vision 2020 " Sustainable Art" Exhibition, Qatar

2020   Exhibition at The Museum’s contemporary art space of Sheikh Faysal, Qatar

2019    Art presentation, Crown Plaza Hotel" Sustainable life style", Qatar

2019    Futur Vision 2019 " Sustainable Art" Exhibition, Qatar

2019    Katara art center exhibition, Qatar

2018   Art exhibition " Mediteraneen memory" Series Doha , Qatar

2017   Workshop " Design with Nature" Playtime festival, Vietnam ( ellearchitecture studio )

2016   Mud Architecture  experimentation and construction Hochiminh, Vietnam ( ellearchitecture studio and University of Hochiminh)

2015   Art installation in Public Garden "less impact in nature" Hochiminh, Vietnam



 Futur Vision


Shanghai Art Fair


2012   MLL Design Lab with Maria Lorena Lehman- USA

2006  Master 2 Architecture NSAM- France

2004  Urbanisme Master- France

2000    Polythecnique School of architecture and Urbanim ( EPAU) -Algeria

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